Can jewelry add years?

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Incorrectly chosen styling, hairstyle or makeup can make you accidentally add years. Can you also create such an impression with the help of jewelry?

Information on social status

Jewelry ornaments are worn primarily for their beauty. It is worth remembering, however, each accessory with which you enrich the styling sends signals and information to the environment. A person who sees you for the first time at a bus stop or in a store can learn some facts about you only after seeing the jewelry you wear.

A ring worn on the ring finger of the right hand is a sign that you are married, and on the ring finger of the left hand - that you are a widow. In turn, the engagement ring on the ring finger of the right hand informs you that you will get married soon. Someone who sees a wedding ring or engagement ring on your right finger may feel that you are already emotionally mature and want to stabilize.

Emphasizing maturity and the rejuvenation effect

Wearing jewelry also allows you to emphasize your own style, create an image or create an idea about yourself. If you want to develop a new, professional image, you can learn the principles of classic aesthetics and start selecting accessories according to their determinants. In this way, each of your stylizations will seem perfectly refined, and you will emphasize your awareness and maturity.

You will get the opposite effect if you start choosing jewelry that will make the styling look casual and light. The rejuvenation effect is ensured by, among others accessories devoid of precious stones, inconspicuous, minimalist, beautiful and discreet at the same time. You can afford delicate models and colors during informal meetings or during daytime visits.


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