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wedding box ideas

Are you browsing through boxes for wedding rings, but none of the proposals meet your expectations? Take matters into your own hands and make the box yourself. The following tips will help you do this. Complete the necessary accessories, use your imagination and start working.

Wooden boho box with moss or herbs

Boho style weddings have been very popular for several seasons. Therefore, the first proposal we have prepared for you perfectly fits this atmosphere. To make a boho box for wedding rings, you will need:

  • wooden box with a closure
  • white cloth
  • favorite herbs or moss

A box for wedding rings can have a variety of shapes, which is why we leave you full freedom in choosing the form of a wooden box. However, the most important thing is to be able to close it. Thanks to this, the wedding rings will be properly secured during transport. Place a white cloth at the bottom of the box and fill it with moss, herbs or dried flowers. On this aromatic "duvet", gently place the wedding rings.

An elegant pillow in a glamour style

If you like to surround yourself with luxurious, elegant accessories, you will surely like our glamour-style ring pillow. To do it yourself, you should have:

  • white, shiny material (e.g. silk)
  • needle and thread
  • cotton wool
  • decorative ribbon

Start by cutting out 2 fabric squares approximately 20 cm x 20 cm in size. Sew the 3 sides of the squares. For the last, at unstitched side, put a cotton wool filling inside. Then sew the side. Tie a decorative ribbon across the center of the pillow in the shade corresponding to the wedding colors. In order to secure the whole thing, you can gently sew the ribbon on the underside. If you have a sewing machine, make quilting. Finally, connect the wedding rings together, using the free ends of the ribbon.

Additional tips

If you don't have time to prepare the wedding ring box yourself, you can use the ready-made solution and modify it a bit. Instead of the traditional filling in the form of a pillow, you can use, for example, the previously mentioned dried flowers or moss, and the whole box can be tied with a decorative string or ribbon. If you are planning to have the wedding rings brought down the aisle by the little ones, make sure that the chosen box will not cause them trouble. Also, make sure that it looks great from all perspectives and when zoomed in very close.

wedding rings ideas


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