The Most Popular Types of Earrings

The Most Popular Types of Earrings
The ear is the basic part of the body on which we wear earrings. This is perfectly reflected in the large number of types of earrings. There are as many as a dozen of them! Some of them are described below.
Dangle earrings are classic ornaments worn on an ear lobe. Their appearance is very diverse - they can have any shape and be decorated in many ways. Dangle earrings include rings that can also be found in other places.
custom dangle earrings
This is the most common type of clasp, it consists of a thin wire that passes through the hole in the ear and a fastening tip. The advantage of such a fastener is its small size and ease of putting on such an earring, as well as the convenience of wearing it. Very often, such earrings do not even take off when sleeping, they are so small and comfortable.
personalized stud earrings
Among the standard earring fasteners, there can also be models that have a chain as a fastening, which must be put through the hole in the ear, for example halfway, and thus the earring stably and securely holds in the ear.
personalized drop earrings
This type of earrings also has its own characteristic clasp. One of them is a traditional wire that should be inserted into the opposite tube. Hoop earrings are a timeless classic that has never gone out of style. Women already fell in love with them in the 1960s, and now the most famous it-girls wear them! This type of earrings is the hottest trend of the season, straight from the world's catwalks!
hoop earrings
This type of clasp is perfect for long and dangling earrings. We can distinguish several types of earwires: closed earwires, english earwires, open earwires, fish-type earwires, english lyre earwires.
Open earwires - most often used in hanging earrings. Very quick and easy to p
ut on, because you just need to put a properly bent hook through the hole in the ear. However, it is worth strengthening earrings on open hooks, additionally, for example, with silicone overlays, then we can be sure that we will not lose them.
mini cross earrings


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