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It's great to receive gifts, but it's much more enjoyable to give them. How to please your dearest people on holidays? We have a few, without exaggeration, precious ideas. 

The saying states: start any holiday with gifts to yourself. Perhaps we ourselves came up with this saying - but it is very pleasant to follow it. Before the New Year, please yourself with a jewelry that will be relevant all year round.
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Contrasting stones will help to combine summer and winter in one product. The perfect duo will be blue and yellow crystals such as topaz and citrine. They complement each other perfectly - like the sun on a frosty day or like the sea and a sandy beach. Which association is closer to you?
Even if in childhood you could not share toys, and then your boyfriend, now you cannot find a person closer and dearer. And even though you are completely different, an invisible thread connects you for life. An adornment for a sister should be not just a beautiful accessory, but a real talisman with meaning.
gift for sister
A stylish pendant in the form of the first letter of her first name or your common last name is a cool option for such an iconic gift. This accessory can be worn every day, mixing with other necklaces and pendants. And if the sister likes to experiment, then she can easily find an alternative use for the pendant, for example to attach it to a chain bracelet.
When it comes to jewelry as a gift for a friend, feel free to follow the latest trends. Large colored crystals and the shine of small stones are now in vogue. Why not combine two trends in one product?
gift for girlfriend
Bright earrings with drop-shaped topaz, surrounded by transparent rhinestones, look like non-melting pieces of ice and are especially relevant in winter looks. They can even be worn with jeans, thereby adding shine to everyday outfits, and also combined with a cocktail look for going to a club or restaurant - there will be many reasons very soon.
It is very easy to please men in accessories - bet on minimalism and status. Bracelets and chains will become a universal gift; they fit perfectly into casual sets with jeans and T-shirts or turtlenecks. Choose large enough models made of gold or silver, hollow chains will be more budgetary.
gift for boyfriend
When buying, pay attention to weaving. The most popular and durable options are the curb and wheat link. These models especially emphasize masculinity and look impressive in short and medium lengths.
For mom is only the best! A gift for her should be special, but at the same time discreet - a classic will help out. Fine jewelry with pearls never goes out of fashion, which means that it will take pride place in mother's jewelry box. It is better to stop the choice on time-tested models: a string of round pearls, a laconic ring, basic earrings with an English lock.
jewelry gift for mom
White pearls are incredibly feminine and elegant. Its pearlescent sheen illuminates the skin and creates a subtle anti-age effect, just like a real jewelry highlighter. Mom will be the most beautiful as always!
What could be nicer for a little fashionista than feeling like an adult, trying on mom's heels and putting on her own pair of earrings? Such jewelry surprise will become an unusual alternative to toys for the New Year's holiday.
But do not forget to make a discount for age - instead of classics with precious stones or cubic zirconia, choose jewelry from children's collections with cartoons, berries, flowers and animals. So, as a gift for the Year of the Tiger, earrings with kittens are suitable - they will protect their little mistress and will definitely bring her a good luck.


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