Gemstones for the Aquarius women

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For women - representatives of the sign, astrologers distinguish several gems recommended by the horoscope, which will become not only an exquisite decoration, but also a reliable talisman. These include pearls, aquamarine and garnet.

Pearls are considered an ideal talisman for women - Aquarius. This stone emphasizes the femininity, elegance and tenderness of its mistress. 2-3 large pearls are enough to increase the attractiveness of a girl in the eyes of the opposite sex. Pearls can be both classic round and unusual baroque shapes.

Aquamarines are also very beautiful and noble stones with an ancient history, known as powerful talismans. Aquamarine, according to astrologers, will help strengthen family ties, build relationships between spouses, strengthen their feelings for each other, help maintain loyalty and love.

Garnet is an amulet of love and passion. If you are still in search, and have not met your soul mate, pay attention to this pomegranate. Garnet, as esotericists believe, attract the energies of love into your life. Moreover, not only Aquarius - women, but also men can wear it.
Unfavorable stones for Aquarius

In addition to the recommended stones that are favorable for Aquarius according to the horoscope, astrologers identify a list of stones that Aquarius should wear with care. They are considered unfavorable for constant wear.

This list includes stones related to the fire element: rich orange sapphire, quartz, fiery red ruby. Also, an unfavorable gem for this zodiac sign is recognized by astrologers as a fiery orange-red opal.


You can choose a stone for Aquarius in the catalog of our website, following the recommendations of astrologers or your preferences >>


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