What Can Emerald Do for You (May Birthstone)

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It is that time of the year when flowers are in their full bloom and warm temperatures are slowly beginning to seep in. Yes, it is May!

As our custom is, we bring you a birthstone guide as a new month sets in. For the month of May, the lot has fallen on emerald.

There are quite many things that make this beautiful stone sought-after. It bears some unique and very beneficial properties which we would be showing you in a moment. 

The emerald is called the stone of people born in May, but also known as Taurus, Gemini and Aries. Hence, very often people born in this period wear jewelry with this precious stone. It is not important whether the jewelry is worn with rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. The stone is important, as it is like a showcase for the world that we were born under this sign of the zodiac, and we have the same character. Of course, this does not mean that people born under a different zodiac sign cannot or should not wear emerald jewelry. None of these things! This jewelry is for everyone! It's just that some people may be more emotionally attached to it.

Before we delve into the properties of emerald, let's see what the name emerald means and go back memory lane into its origin.

Name Meaning

Emerald is believed to be derived from the Greek word 'smaragdos' which means 'green stone'.

The emerald stone is a variety of beryl and its color ranges from a light hue to a deep green hue color.

 Emerald Origin

Emerald's origin can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The first set of emeralds were believed to be discovered over 2.9 billion years ago.

History has it that Cleopatra loved the gem and donned it often. According to the Egyptians, the emerald was a symbol of eternal life.

One of the major properties of emerald is its healing ability. It is believed to affect the state of a person's mind.

Healing Properties

Emerald's healing properties reach out to the emotions and the physical heart bringing healing to both. Being a powerful gemstone, it is believed to have the ability to give strength to the heart, the immune system, and the eye.

Even the nervous system is calmed in the presence of emeralds. It can also be used in treating and healing negative emotions.

One of the many nicknames given to emerald today is 'the stone of successful love'. It is called that because it is believed to be able to help you love others.

The stone helps you to open your heart towards people and provide you with the enablement to reciprocate love when it is shown to you.

Finally, the gem brings good fortune. This May, if you desire to heal from negative emotions, love others correctly, be open for love, and enjoy good fortune, get yourself an emerald.

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