What to engrave on wedding rings?

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Engraving wedding rings is a service that is increasingly recognized as mandatory. What kind of engraving is worth choosing? If you are asking yourself a similar question, read the text below. We have included in it proposals of engravers that fit in with the current trends and completely original solutions. At the end of the post, you will also find some valuable tips.

Popular solutions

Before we move on to presenting the popular and original engravings on wedding rings, we want to highlight an important point. Before choosing a specific design, make sure that it is in line with your preferences and sense of aesthetics. Inspiration from social media and tips from friends can help, but the final decision should be yours.

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Which engravings are the most popular? Future spouses very often decide to engrave the date of the wedding or the first meeting on the wedding rings. Combinations consisting of the date and names of lovers or the date and symbol of love are equally popular. The wedding rings are also engraved with confessions in the native or foreign language or short slogans that can only be correctly interpreted by the newlyweds.

Musical inspirations or a bit of humor?

Can your friends and family confirm that you are a couple who have their own style and like to stand out? Instead of traditional engraving in the form of dates, names, love confessions or symbols, choose something really original. Look for inspiration in your everyday life. Think about what gives you the greatest joy and in what situations you feel inner peace.

If you have your favorite song that accompanies you during your most important moments, use a fragment of its lyrics. Is there a place where you just feel like yourself? Let its geographical coordinates appear on your wedding rings. Or maybe you approach life with a distance and infect others with positive energy? Consider engraving in the form of a funny text with an extraordinary story.

Additional tips

  • To keep your wedding rings looking elegant for longer, remember to clean and store them properly. Tips for caring for wedding rings can be found here.
  • Personalized wedding rings require a truly original setting. If you are wondering how to effectively present them to the altar, please read this article.
  • The last advice is directed only to the future bride. Remember that the wedding ring will look even more interesting when you combine it with the appropriate jewelry. You can read more about it here.


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