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For women, Aries by horoscope, astrologers distinguish a number of stones by date of birth, which contribute to the development and maintenance of a special, female energy, these stones are responsible for love, relationships, family, well-being, beauty and attractiveness.

Although the emerald is often regarded as a money talisman, it also has magical properties, especially suitable for Aries women according to the horoscope. Emerald is a stone for strengthening the family, because it is the woman who is the keeper of the hearth.

It is customary to give an emerald to married women. A wonderful reason to give an emerald in jewelry is the birth of a child, because replenishment in a family is a unique event. Girls are not advised to wear an emerald, for them it will not work in full force.

If you are looking for your only man, take a look at red garnets; these beautiful transparent gems have symbolized true love and romantic feelings since ancient times.

Also, zircon is considered the female mascot for the zodiac sign Aries. Ruby, diamond - will also support and protect the representatives of the Aries sign by date of birth. These gems bring good luck and happiness in personal life, it is especially important that they protect against negative magical effects, damage and the evil eye.

Unsuitable stones for Aries

In addition to favorable stones for Aries, astrology reports about unsuitable stones, which, as a rule, have poor compatibility with the sign. Such gems can adversely affect the energy of the representatives of the sign, and are even harmful.

However, esotericists agree that these are general recommendations, and not always so bad. In special cases, these stones can be completely neutral for the sign, and sometimes even become a kind personal amulet-helper.

So, Aries is not recommended wearing a moonstone, transparent light aquamarine, white round pearls. Black tourmaline and black opal should also be avoided. Green tourmaline makes Aries more aggressive and jealous.

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