White Or Yellow Gold?

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Gold jewelry is a symbol of class and wealth. Its shades are different, and the properties of individual varieties affect the way the ornaments are used. That is why there is often a dilemma - white or yellow gold? It is worth familiarizing yourself with the aesthetic and functional properties of both of these alloys. Thanks to this, we can make an informed choice when shopping.


Gold jewelry is never 100% made of this metal. The ore contains admixtures of nickel, zinc, copper, silver, platinum or palladium. Increasing the amount of individual ingredients produces specific varieties such as pink, white, and yellow gold. More copper causes a red color. Silver is essential for the bleaching of the alloy. To make your choice, you need to discuss how these options differ.

White Or Yellow Gold?

This choice should depend on your preferences. White gold is a choice for people who do not like yellow and prefer cooler shades of jewelry. It is harder than silver and therefore harder to deteriorate. It also has a stronger shine, which greatly affects the aesthetic impression. Its disadvantage is the nickel content. This element causes allergies. This makes it impossible for many people to wear white gold jewelry. However, it increases the durability of the alloy. When palladium is used instead of nickel, the metal will not cause allergic reactions, but will be more expensive. If the surface is rhodium-plated, it may become dull after a few years and require renovation. The yellow ore does not cause allergies and does not require such frequent maintenance.


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