Infinity Symbol - What Does It Mean?

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The infinity symbol is unarguably very popular. From basic arithmetic, we learned that any number divided by zero (0) is infinity and is depicted by the infinity symbol.

With infinity jewelry becoming a popular and fashionable trend, a lot of persons have begun to wonder what the symbol means. We can not deny the elegant and beautiful look the symbol has. It looks like the figure of eight (8) turned sideways, and we will be looking into its origins and meaning.

Infinity Symbol Origin

In ancient times, Greek mathematicians and philosophers made use of the symbol. It was called Lemniscate which means 'ribbon'. The concept behind its usage stems from Ouroboros, a symbol that depicts a snake biting its tail. English mathematician, John Wallis, in 1655 used the infinity symbol to represent a quantity that has no boundary or end. In India, the symbol was ritualized to represent perfection and equilibrium between the male and female gender. Also, it appears in some mystical knot designs from Celtic. For Scientologist, the symbol is used to represent the 'eighth dynamic. They often attribute it to someone with eternal or infinite existence. The infinity symbol does not only find its origin and meaning from mathematics, science, and philosophy alone. It has a place in the religious sphere and derives some positive meanings from there. Today, there are necklaces and jewelry that are carved in the form of infinity symbols and they mean several things to different people.

Infinity Necklace Meaning

All the meanings derived by people about what infinity necklaces represent can be summed up in one. People wear infinity necklaces to represent something that has no end. It could be a relationship, a connection, or a union.

Anchor + Infinity Necklace

Another trendy version of infinity necklaces is the anchor jewelry. This depicts an anchor as part of the endless circle of the infinity symbol. It is used to represent stability in whatever the Infinity symbol is believed to represent. You can have your meaning for what the infinity necklace will represent. It is your call to make.


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