How to untangle a chain?

layered chains

Every woman knows this pain - a tangled chain! What to do when you cannot put on your favorite jewelry because it is tangled so that it looks as unusable? Do you have to write off such a chain or return it to a jeweler and pay for the service? Of course not! There are many ways to save your favorite jewelry yourself.


If there is a situation where a knot appears on your favorite chain - this usually happens as a result of improper storage of jewelry - you do not need to panic right away and prepare cash for a visit to the jeweler. It is enough to arm yourself with tweezers, a needle or even a toothpick and olive oil (anything that will prevent friction), and if the jewelry is small, then possibly a magnifying glass also. The ease of the whole procedure depends largely on how thick the chain is. The thinner, the more delicate you have to be, because it is easier to deform its links and break. Usually, however, if you know how to untangle a chain and do it sensitively - the whole process ends with a success.


Jewelry should be greased, while avoiding greasing your hands, in order to be able to hold the instruments securely. Insert the sharp tip of the needle into one of the links or between the tangled links and gently try to loosen and pull them apart by moving them outwards. If you use tweezers, grab the edges of the links with it. When untangling the chain, it is worth remembering to avoid sudden jerks, and only loosen, move and use the needle in such a way that you can observe the movement of the jewelry. You can do it with two needles at the same time or hold the part with tweezers and operate with a needle. Over time, with good lubrication, the chain will start to loosen and the parts will become easily entangled.

As you can see, how to untangle a chain is not a philosophy. You don't need much to do it yourself at home - just a little patience and precision. It is also worth taking care in advance that the jewelry is always put back in its place after removal - the chains should be hung up and separated from others. Then you will not have to think about how to untangle the chain, only about which one to wear. And this is definitely a nicer "problem"!


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