The most fashionable wedding jewelry

fashionable wedding jewelry

After the proposal, before the golden wedding rings are on our fingers, we have a lot of important matters to attend to. One of the most enjoyable, but also the most stressful for each bride, is choosing the right wedding jewelry. How many ornaments to buy? What style should you choose? These questions can keep you awake for weeks. That is why today we advise you which accessories are the most fashionable this winter.

Necklace on… back

Dresses with fully open backs have become very popular in recent seasons, which gave jewelry makers a completely new field to show off. Many collections include long necklaces that beautifully decorate not the neckline, but the back. We can choose silver or gold chains, crystals or strings of pearls that create interesting patterns on the back of the creation. This type of jewelry fits very well with all modest, minimalist models, but it will not work well with richly decorated or embroidered dresses.

Decorate your hair

Brides more and more often decide to decorate their hair. These accessories can replace the veil or blend in nicely with it. This season, all kinds of bands are especially fashionable - gold, silver, made of crystals, tulle, beads and even feathers! More and more often, they wrap the entire head and are a very expressive element of styling. This type of ornaments is perfect for all lovers of modernity, originality and boho style full of freedom and spontaneity. However, a properly selected headband can also be a beautiful element of an outfit in the style of the 1920s.

Large earrings

Large, eye-catching earrings are also in fashion nowadays. Often on this big day we decide to pin up our hair, so the right earrings are the most natural addition to the dress. The followers of tradition most often choose ornaments made of silver or white gold and crystals or, if they can afford it, diamonds. But pearls are also a good choice. Despite the fact that there was a recent superstition that they cause bad luck, recently pearls have been returning to favor more and more often. So if we like accessories in a classic style, we should not worry about these views - jewelry cannot harm us, but it can decorate our outfit very beautifully.


Of course, brides can also choose a necklace. For small necklines, delicate chains with an elegant pendant made of cubic zirconia or diamonds are the best - it is chic and elegance in itself. With larger necklines, such decorations "disappear", so it is necessary to choose a larger accessory. This season, minimalism is not fashionable, so go ahead and choose a richly decorated necklace or a choker. If we prefer slightly more subdued accessories, reliable pearls come to the rescue here as well. Modern necklaces made of them are a hit of recent months.

single pearl necklace         pearl choker necklace


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