How to Pack your Jewelry for Holiday Travel

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You probably have gotten to the point where you are oblivious of how to pack your jewelry ahead of your holiday travel. It happens to every single one of us. Most times our problem starts from what kind of jewelry we should pack.

Well, you should not be carrying your entire jewelry kit for your vacation or holiday. The best answer to the question above would be any jewelry you are comfortable with losing.

Besides, you would not be holidaying forever so what's the point in carrying every single jewelry you have got. Your precious jewelries are best kept at home. Do not take them on your holiday except your need for them is indispensable.

 How to Pack Your Jewelry

Everything about jewelry is intricate. While packing, missing a tiny piece of jewelry may render the entire bunch useless. Imagine losing an earring. It makes the other pair useless. In lieu of this, great caution must be adhered to while packing your jewelry.

We have outlined few tips on how to pack jewelry for your holiday trip. We have divided these tips into the various pieces of jewelry you would probably take with you on your holiday.


Use buttons to hold your earrings together by inserting them into the buttonholes. Insert your earrings into the buttonholes and place them inside a jewelry pouch. Alternatively, you can use cardboard. Get a piece of cardboard and use a pen's tip to punch holes in pairs into the cardboard. Insert your earrings into the holes you punched and place the cardboard in a plastic bag, and you are good to go.


You can use small plastic bags to carry your necklaces without making them tangle. Place your necklaces in small plastic bags, one bag for each necklace, so they do not tangle.

Rings and Bracelets

To carry your rings and bracelets, you can also insert them into a small plastic bag. You may want to place rings in a different bag from bracelets.

Enjoy your holiday travel with your jewelry collection packed in properly!

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