How to Layer Necklaces

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Be it on sunny noons or wintry evenings, your jewelry should raise your confidence to the high heavens, but not when you're amiss with the knowledge of how to combine this and that

Necklaces are arguably the single most fashionable fashion statement for ages, but learning how to combine them is what crowns you the true queen of Vogue. Here is how to layer your necklace for a truly unique style.

Define your length

As is with choices of gowns and shoes, length matters when selecting and layering your necklaces. You may begin with the super short, or simply short 14" size, casing it in a longer size 30" and above. Layering requires that you consider length since you would want to show off just about any of your chains, without making a mess of their combo.

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 Trinity is a thing

Layering can be tricky for even the savviest of fashion mavens, embracing a trio of necklaces can however simplify things. Think of layering as comparative adjectives. Small-medium-large. Yes. Exactly in that order. Pick a trio of sparkling things and smash the standards! 

Add some colors

Monochromes are boring, okay…ehm…yes, not always but often. And that's why you may layer your necklace better with some pigmentation. 

A colorful dissonant in a trio or an assembly can make for the perfect layering. The eyes are attracted towards the colorful, and a bold member of your necklace array can become the black hole of admiration.

Synergy is key

The number of your necklaces may not be as influential as the synergy in your color combination.

I know you'll look up there and wonder how we'll switch from advocating one colorful bang to dialing your line to call for caution.

While layering your necklaces, cohesion in coloration is key. Choosing metals in similar and complementary shades opens you to matching confidence that's hardly dependent on your outfit. Never go color rioting!

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