Gems suitable for Capricorn women

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To answer the question of which stones are suitable as a talisman for women and girls born under the sign of Capricorn, let us turn to astrologers, which features these gems should improve.

It is believed that stones are best suited for Capricorn women, increasing their femininity and attractiveness, strengthening family bonds and attracting love and romance into their lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main stone for a Capricorn woman according to the horoscope is a red garnet. This is a generalized name for the jewelry varieties of the garnet mineral in red and pink-purple colors. These stones are considered ancient symbols of love, happy marriage and passion. Garnets help to tune in to the desired "romantic" wave, improve the aura, make the beautiful representatives of the sign even more beautiful in the eyes of men, help to get to know each other and build relationships. Even in medieval Europe, it was customary to give a ring with a garnet to unmarried girls and girls as a wish of a happy fate.

Some precious and semi-precious stones, according to astrologers, can weaken the energy of Capricorns or negatively affect some character traits. So, for example, gem varieties of the beryl mineral (emerald, aquamarine) will only enhance Capricorn's innate tendency to solitude. It is also not recommended for this sign to wear jewelry with mother-of-pearl. Sapphire is a wonderful gem, however, according to esotericists, Capricorns should not wear it all the time, pay attention to another type of corundum mineral - red ruby.

The recommendations of astrologers are only recommendations, and in no case are they a direct guide to action. They point to the generalized experience of centuries, but your particular case may be the exception to the rule. So trust your inner voice.


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