Goddess Energy: Designed to grace your hand with elegance and charm, these handchains are more than mere accessories—they're expressions of individuality and refined taste in body jewelry. Adorn your wrist with a symbol of craftsmanship and style that's as unique as you are.
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Minimal Ring Handchain with Gem Slave Bracelet - J F W

Slave Bracelet Ring 925 Silver Handchain with Gemstone

From $114.90
This handchain bracelet with minimalist style is simple but outstanding. Finely crafted from sterling silver, available with five gemstones to fit your style. You'll never want to take this off! Metal: 925...
Slave Bracelet with Ring Attached Gold Plated Hand Chain - J F W

Slave Bracelet with Ring Attached Gold Plated Hand Chain

From $122.90
Dainty and minimal, this handchain bracelet is made with cable-link chain that comfortable to wear for long periods, you'll never want to take this off! Metal: 925 sterling silver; optional 18k yellow...
Diamond Hand Chain Gold Slave Bracelet

Hand Chain Gold Queen Crown Personalized Slave Bracelet

Our high shine 18k gold-plated sterling silver hand chain conjures all things COOL, making it the perfect everyday bracelet. Be bold, with a jewelry that makes a chic statement! Metal: 18k...
Dainty Crystal Handchain

Dainty Crystal Handchain 925 Silver Slave Bracelet

Embrace your inner diva with our Dainty Crystal Handchain. Made from 925 silver, this playful accessory adds a touch of glam to any outfit. The delicate crystals catch the light...
Rose Gold Slave Bracelet Ring

Rose Gold Slave Bracelet Ring Crystal Hand Chain

Add some sparkle to your everyday look! Delicate and elegant, this hand chain features zirconia crystals that will catch the light and shine with every movement. Perfect for dressing up...
Slave Bracelet & Ring

Slave Bracelet & Ring with Bar Charm 925 Silver

Bring some bling to your hand and wrist with our wrapped hand chain! Made with high-quality 925 silver, this unique accessory features a dazzling white zirconia bar charm that will...
Pink Gold Net Slave Bracelet

Pink Gold Net Bracelet 925 Silver Boho Hand Chain

Twirl, dance, and let your wrist do the talking with the Net Hand Chain! This 925 silver charmer is a flirtatious wink to boho chic. It’s the kind of bracelet...
Star Hand Chain

Stars Hand Chain Silver Slave Bracelet with Zircon

Revel in bohemian charm with our slave bracelet! Featuring shimmering zircon crystals and playful star accents, this unique accessory will have you shining like a star in no time. (Quirky...
Dainty Hand Chain

Beaded Hand Chain Bracelet 925 Silver Body Jewelry

Rock this unique jewelry to add a touch of playfulness to your outfit. Made with 925 silver, this minimal slave bracelet is perfect for body jewelry lovers. Stand out with...
Dainty Silver Hand Chain Bracelet

Diamond Snake Silver Delicate Hand Chain Bracelet

The epitome of dainty design, this hand chain is a symphony of delicate craftsmanship where silver meets sparkle. Perfect for the fashion-forward spirit, it’s a minimalist aesthetic piece that doesn’t...
Pearl Clover Charm Hand Harness

Pearl Clover Charm Hand Harness Luxury Bracelet

Say hello to laid-back luxury with our Natural Pearl Hand Chain. This little beauty is all about bringing a touch of bohemian rhapsody to your wrist game. The dainty chain...
gold Slave Bracelet

Hamsa Charm Delicate Silver Handchain Bracelet

Featuring a stunning zircon halo and a blue opal hamsa charm, this bracelet radiates positive energy and protects against negative vibes. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Shine on!...