What gems are suitable for the zodiac sign of Libra according to the horoscope? In this article, we will try to understand this issue. Teachings about the possible influence of stars and heavenly bodies on the life of entire peoples and an individual person originate in ancient times. Also, at all times, there was a strong belief in the extraordinary forces of living and inanimate nature. Separately, it is worth mentioning jewelry gems: incredibly beautiful high-purity minerals that have been formed in the bowels of the planet for thousands and millions of years, have absorbed the energy of the earth, very rare, brought from overseas countries, amulets that a person wears on his body are transmitted from generation after generation and are the property of the family.

We studied the sources of various authors and compiled a list of recommended auspicious gemstones for the zodiacal sign of Libra.

Aquamarine. According to many sources, beryl is the traditional talisman for Libra; it includes aquamarine, morganite and emerald. More often than others, aquamarine is mentioned - a transparent type of beryl mineral, reminiscent of seawater in color. If the name is translated from Latin, we get aqua - "water", marinus - "sea". It can be light, almost colorless, greenish, blue, deep blue and blue-green. Aquamarine as a talisman is suitable for Libra women and men.

Sapphire. For the spiritual development of this sign, lithotherapists recommend wearing a sapphire - a stone of exceptional hardness and beauty. The old lapidary says the following: "Whoever wears it with him in a ring makes him calm and in people honest, piously merciful, spiritual ..." In Ancient Greece and Rome, this stone is suitable for philosophical contemplation and reflection, and according to Indian beliefs, Sapphire for Libra sign of the zodiac is considered a strong talisman that strengthens the spirit and leads to inner wholeness.

Topaz. Topaz today and at all times have been well known. It has a variety of colors, the most common are colorless, bluish and brownish topaz; pink, yellow and cherry-yellowish are much less common. Due to the fact that yellow topaz is associated with the color of a precious metal, a belief was born about the ability of this stone to attract material wealth. The sunny colors of topaz give optimism, help to feel the joy of every day lived and just enjoy life. The natural stone topaz for the zodiac sign Libra is recommended in astrology as a talisman.

Citrine. According to many sources, gemstones of the quartz group such as amethyst and citrine are also suitable for Libra. It is believed that the golden color of citrine has a stimulating effect on a person and fills him with vital energy. The stones amethyst and citrine for Libra are advised for women and men as a positive magical talisman. Amethyst can range in color from light lilac to deep dark shades associated with diluted wine. Perhaps this is what served as the basis for the legends about the unusual effect of this gem: they say whoever wears an amethyst does not get drunk. Its properties allow those born under the sign of the zodiac Libra to reveal the talents inherent in nature.


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