If you are studying the question of which stones are suitable for Libra women, we, based on the opinions of astrologers, can advise an emerald. He is considered the most successful female talisman for Libra according to the horoscope. Green beryl helps to build a strong family, to preserve the family hearth. It is customary to give a woman jewelry with an emerald for the birth of a baby as a guarantee of a happy life and destiny. However, if the girl is not yet tied by the knot, the emerald will not show its magical powers. Another type of beryl - aquamarine - is also a stone designed to help build relationships with a spouse based on respect, love and fidelity.

To reveal individuality and creativity in a girl, present her with a piece of jewelry with natural noble opal. This rare, unusual stone will become not only an exquisite adornment of her image, but also a faithful friend, helper and protector.

Unfavorable stones for Libra

It is not easy to answer the question of which stones are undesirable and even unfavorable for Libra, men and women, since everything is individual. From the general recommendations, sardonyx and serpentine stand out. Jet and hematite should also be avoided. However, if you love jewelry with these stones, you shouldn't leave yourself without the pleasure of wearing them.


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