Bracelets are one of the most frequently worn jewelry elements. And not only on the hands, but also ... on the legs. A tiny ornament that moves with such steps is a real must-have for summer styling for many women. But are they just for decoration? What does the chain on the ankle mean? Is there any deeper symbolism hidden under the guise of an attractive accessory?

What Does Ankle Chain ​​Mean and Is It Still Current?

Probably the definition of what a chain on ankle means will be a big surprise for many people. Once the answer to what the chain means was sexual promiscuity and the readiness to make polygamous relationships. Currently, however, no importance is attached to such symbolism, what is more, it is forgotten and ignored. After all, a chain for ankle is a fashionable, elegant and attractive decoration, which women choose especially in the summer. Furthermore, bracelets come in many forms - chains, thongs or beads - and are worn solely for attractiveness, not for meaning.

Ankle Bracelet - A Stylish Accessory For Summer

What a chain on ankle means should certainly not be taken seriously. Many people have no idea of ​​this meaning, and there is no reason to spread it. Ankle bracelets can be worn by anyone who wants to complete their summer look in an interesting way. And the increasing choice gives you great opportunities! So let's leave the outdated symbolism and reach for modern, stylish jewelry.